Mobster, Monster, Bully, Chief: President

The Golden Shower may have been an act of vengeance, by Trump, for Obama’s humiliation of him at the Presidential Roast.

I have seen the Roast. Good natured, more or less. Not really nasty, all in fun.

I’m sure Obama didn’t know, and no one but Trump’s intimates (does he have them?) knew, how thin-skinned he was, and is. Reports are that he did not take the good-natured gibes, in public, at all well. He was probably angry and humiliated, especially since his public shaming had been at the hands of a Black man. Think of how he’s always wanting to win and to be admired. Obama’s jokes fulfilled his worst nightmare.

What we are only now beginning to find out, is what a twisted, nasty, perverted racist Trump is.

Did you know, that if the golden shower did take place, a story told to Steele by three or more anonymous sources, what the real reason for it would have been, the real outrage?

When Donald Trump went to Moscow to preside over the Miss Universe finale, he made a point of securing the Presidential Suite at Moscow’s premium hotel (of course: he’s Donald Trump).

Question: who stayed before him in the Presidential Suite?

Whose bed, in Trump’s presence, was pissed on by the Russian prostitutes?—If this happened, of course.

This story makes the Russian prostitutes more and more believable; it also explains why Trump is desperate to send the story back to oblivion.

So, long before Trump seriously ran for President—against  Hillary, not Barack—he appears to be obsessed with erasing Obama from the Presidency: a Black Man!

First, by despoiling the bed Barack and Michelle slept on, while in Moscow.

In Egypt, long ago, a powerful Queen/Pharaoh carried out many reforms, but Hatshepsut was erased from history, her accomplishments all reversed, by her successor, a man.

It feels like Trump is determined to do the same thing, while carrying out a wholesale coup by billionaires, et al, and fulfilling the religious right’s and the GOP’s fondest dreams. All of these goals are completely compatible with erasing Obama’s legacy as President.

It’s all Obama’s fault: those jokes.

I will never forgive Comey for making the Trump presidency possible, but he’s reported to have drawn parallels between the mobsters he put behind bars as a Prosecutor, and the current President and his gang—I mean assistants. They both value loyalty above all else. Right and wrong are non-starters. Their search is: how do we get away with this? And: Get all you can while you can.

Trump’s two most effective department heads have done the most damage: Pruitt and Zinke, but they also exemplify the real Trump program: rip off as much as you can, while you can. They can get away with it, until they can’t, which is why they’re in such a hurry. They only have a small window to grab millions of acres of public lands for pennies on the acre, so they can pump oil, gas, or dig for coal and uranium.

The officials’ cronies have THE chance, to become billionaires—at our expense.

Trump and cronies are also a bit like Attila the Hun and his court, who looted the treasures of three empires: western and eastern Rome, and the Persian Empire. The Huns paid no taxes and became momentarily wealthy from their spoils of conquest:

The conqueror, who overcame peaceful, non-hierarchical Catal Huyek was probably one of the first looters and plunderers, all of whom set themselves up as Kings and Emperors, while robbing the wealth of the people who created it.

It seems we are recreating the same system. Trump is a mobster with legal powers, and a monster! He and his compadres may rip off more than Attila and his Huns, even without conquering armies.

Unless we throw the bums out.

Energy Dominance? You’ve Got to be Kidding.

Mr. Zinke said the drilling plan was part of “a new path for energy dominance in America.” NY Times 1/5/18

Energy dominance! What idiocy. They (Zinke, Pruitt, Trump) claim that the US, or their oil companies, are going to achieve world energy dominance by drilling more oil and gas—and coal?—than everyone else?

Everyone else knows what we know.

We have an 11.6 Kwh solar array (above), and heat pumps that run off it, and we’ve reduced our power and heating costs dramatically. (Total cost to us of all heat and power last year was the bimonthly connection fee of $47+ and a one time fee of about $92, mostly for the heat. This, for an older four bedroom house in the mid-Hudson NY countryside with only moderate insulation).

This year I added a plug-in hybrid and we have the polar vortex freezing us for weeks now, but I doubt we’ll have to pay more for the whole year for power, heat and AC than the costs most people pay in a monthly winter bill for electricity and gas or fuel oil.

The rest of the world (everyone else) is developing alternative energy as fast as they can. Places like Beijing and Delhi know they’ve got to get off fossil fuels. They’re suffocating themselves with cil and coal air pollution, but also, they can see that the climate is changing, not for the better. And they know why.

Back when I lived in India for a year, in 1969-70, I told an Indian friend about the dangers of DDT and he said something like, “Oh, you Americans can afford to worry about things like that, but we’ve got to kill malaria, first!” We’re too poor, he implied, not rich like you, to worry about things like that.

Then, he had a point. But nations like India are now bearing the brunt of global warming, and air pollution from fossil fuels, and they know they have to get off them. So do the Chinese. And the Germans. And most of western Europe.

The poorer, smaller nations know, too, but don’t have the capital to make the change; the Europeans and Chinese do, and maybe India. They will gain the technological lead and the US will lag behind, a brainless dinosaur.

We’ll churn up our most beautiful wildernesses, lay waste to our most precious wildlife preserves, destroy the beauty of our coasts—and end up being laughed at by the rest of the world.

“Energy dominance? Oil? Gas?” they’ll exclaim. “We don’t want that dirty stuff; we’ve got more than enough energy of our own, from the sun, the wind and the tides. Why should we buy your dirty fuel?”

Germany has already generated too much wind energy on some days. Power companies have paid their users to consume it. Obviously, technological breakthroughs are needed in energy storage capabilities, but that’s coming soon.

Picture this: The US Navy thinks they’ve got energy dominance: enough oil that they can run their ships anywhere and always have fuel. So, their aircraft carrier, out in the middle of the Pacific runs low on fuel and calls for an oil tanker to refuel them.

Meanwhile, a Chinese competitor doesn’t have to wait for a tanker: it’s generating its own energy with solar panels on the flight deck, perhaps some wind towers and water turbines in its hull.

Who, then, is dominant?

There is only one reason for opening up the national monuments, ANWAR and all the coasts to oil and gas drilling: so the oil companies (and their shareholders) can loot public property for low costs and high, short-term profits.

The nation—and the world—is despoiled of beauty and life that everyone can enjoy, and the planet’s climate becomes more impossible in large parts of the world. All for the short-term riches of a few, the corrupt and well-connected grifters, perhaps even Putin and his Russian oligarchs.

We are governed by a gang of looters more destructive than terrorists,  more corrupt than mafiosi. We’ve got to get rid of them before they destroy the world!



Trump and the GOP keep on talking about “tax reform,” but what they’re really saying is that if you cut social programs like Medicaid and Medicare to the bone, and send the trillion+ savings to the big corporations and to billionaires like Trump,  they’ll create jobs for the coal miners and the oil drillers and everybody else. They explain, helpfully, that when taxes are cut like that, and those programs aren’t “wasting” money any longer, the economy will soar; everyone will be rich! BULL***T!

Think about it: all those corporations that already are sitting on record profits, will they turn around and spend that extra money on jobs? Every CEO in America would have to be out of their minds! They’ll buy back their stock, instead, driving it higher.

All that extra money from the tax cut will go to people and corporations that already have more than they can spend, while everyone else ends up poorer: their tax “cuts” will amount to small change and their expenses will go up. What expenses? Those programs being cut, having to pay for them, completely, or do without: those expenses.

Why would any CEO expand production, hire more workers, raise wages, when the PEOPLE have LESS money to spend, so they can’t afford more goods and services; they can afford less.

So, really, this tax cut for the wealthy, on the backs of cuts to popular and necessary programs, will probably cause both a walloping deficit and a severe recession.

Rome fell in the fifth century (476 CE) as a result of the equivalent of the billionaires of today holding on to all the money, never paying their share of taxes. Rome was bankrupted, after suffering a century’s long depression: only the great landowners of the Senatorial class had money. No one else could buy anything: families sold themselves, or their children (to the Senators), in order to survive. It was called Serfdom.

No taxes (except on the poor) meant, finally, not being able to pay the mercenary army to defend Rome and the Roman Empire: the Germanic barbarian Army. So, the latter took over. End of the Empire.

Believe it or not, King Odovacar’s  ascension, and the erasure of the Empire was a financial deal with—you guessed it—the billionaires of the day, the Senators in the Roman Senate, agreed to his takeover, so their taxes wouldn’t go up. Pretty soon, all their wealth was ripped away by the Germanic conquerors.

Loud Noise Can Kill

Here’s a thought: Steven Paddock complained to the hotel the night of the shooting, about a party in the room below him (he was on the 38th? floor). The music (country) was too loud, he claimed.

Two things: first of all, Paddock probably would have welcomed legalizing silencers, since he didn’t like noise. Consider what an even greater disaster it would have been if he had been firing with silencers: no one would have been able to figure out where the shots were coming from, and for awhile, that actually they were shots. People would have just been falling dead in the crowd. In fact, in the first seconds or minutes of the shooting, a lot of people thought someone was shooting off fireworks. In any case, Republicans considering a silencer legalization bill entitled something like Hearing Protection, have shelved the bill for now—because of the massacre.

The second thought: Steven Paddock may have hated noise, or loud music, or country music, or all three, to the point of rage. His girlfriend described him as kind and quiet. I know someone who has the urge to shoot to kill whenever she hears loud motorcycles, or other loud machines; she’s actually a pacifist. She has often commented that it’s lucky she doesn’t have a gun. Well, Steven Paddock had 42 of them. And apparently he planned meticulously to kill as many people as possible, people in a loud, late night country music concert below him. He had converted his guns (12 of them?) into machine guns by adding bumper stocks. He needed so many, because ordinary guns heat up with rapid firing, so he could shoot with one, put it aside to cool, shoot with another, and so on. And he also had video monitors to warn him if officers were coming to stop him. He shot a security guard through his hotel door.

Think about it: loud music, or hollowed out mufflers, or something else loud might drive some people to homicidal rage. One of the black lives snuffed out last summer was supposedly in a dispute about loud music from his truck.

No one seems to think there is a right to quiet, but for many, loud noise is unavoidable and it’s enraging, when you can’t escape it.

Loud noise might cause murder. Maybe it did, on a mass scale, in Las Vegas.

Jan. 20, 2017 and After

Julian Hawthorne, my great-grandfather, was a bestseller author, only son of Nathaniel, and a scamp, who spent time in prison for signing on to a stock swindle. He wasn’t near as bad as what we’re facing now, and he was literate.

Friday, January 20, 2017, Noon

In a few minutes

The most unprepared, outrageous clown

Will take the oath of Office

Of President of these

Disunited States.

He’s named billionaires, generals

Corporate leaders, incompetents

To run our Government.

It’s as if the Jester King of misrule

Isn’t ruling for a day, or a year,

But for at least four of them

And intends to bring his

Chaos with him, to the nation

To the whole world,


Yes, just because he can

And because he wants

The whole world

To watch his every move.


Three and a half million

Marchers, led by women

All over the nation

And more abroad

Happily demonstrate against

The hate and lies

Of the incoming Trump regime.

That’s bigger than Obama, or Trump

Bigger than Iraq

A tidal wave of cheerful

Peaceful opposition.

Trump twitters: why didn’t they vote?

Most did.

He lost the popular vote

By nearly three million,

But still, his press spokesman,

Fellow fabulist,

Claimed the biggest audience


For Trump’s Inaugural address.

So much for broadening his appeal.

By fighting the media

Even threatening them,

By preventing Canadian entry

At the border

If they oppose Trump.

He also hints how health care

Will be restricted,

Medicaid to block grants

Prior conditions reinstated

Risk pools promoted

Subsidies cancelled

Medicare eligibility age raised.

No wonder towns and cities

Were jammed with millions protesting

Trump’s ascension!

Millions more are terrified

The Donald will press the button

When a foreign ruler

Squints askance

At our thin-skinned leader.

Raise The Swamp

In our fast Trumpifying world, we may need a lot of protesters to block, or undo the damage Trump and his jolly wrecking crew intend to wreak.

I can write, call, turn out sometimes, canvass, maybe, and to a lesser degree, give money. I hope younger people, with more energy, can do more.

What does the still formative Trump government begin to look like?

His list of appointees and his radical proposals read as if he won by a landslide, yet no President lost more of the popular vote and still won election.

It’s even very possible, from the data so far analyzed, that the voter suppression laws enacted by Republicans in states they controlled, made the difference, although voter turn out was low in any case, possibly because both candidates were unpopular with any but their core supporters.

To look at the potential cabinet is to see, not appointments of someone who wanted to unite the nation he hadn’t really won, but as if he had won the landslide mandate he claims.

Maybe he believes his own lie? That voter fraud accounted for the almost 3 million votes more for Hillary.

Every appointee designee is marked, either as a consistent opponent of the very Department or agency they are supposed to run (into the ground?), or they’re hawkish Generals, or predatory Wall Street billionaires. A good many of them are lobbyists in Washington: so much for “draining the swamp.”

Trump talks of bringing people together, yet he labeled the Democratic members of  the Senate  “clowns,” “lead by head clown Chuck Schumer” in tweets from January 5th, just before the debate on repeal of the ACA began. He then recommended that they work together with Republicans to craft a new, better health care system. After calling them clowns.

Is the man serious?

Up until his briefing on the problem, he maintained that the idea of Russian hacking to influence the election was crazy, or sour grapes. After his intelligence briefing on the hacking, what did he say?

He said, in effect, ‘Well, maybe there’s something to the charges, but so what? Happens all the time, all over.’ Within the next day or two he reverted to claiming it was all just sour grapes.

On Trump’s side of the argument, the US interferes in elections all over the world, has been since the 19th century and Putin believes that Ukraine’s coup was US engineered, so he felt it was legitimate to act accordingly.

He may well have been right about US meddling in Ukraine, unfortunately.

His motivation for the hacking? Revenge, weakening the US, and maybe buying an ally.

Democrats are in the minority in House and Senate, but in the Senate they can mount a filibuster, or stop a vote through cloture, unless it’s a Presidential nominee, or a budget-related bill. So, their power to oppose is limited, but Schumer is now talking as if they’ll be stalwart opposition, delaying confirmations and blocking initiatives. Schumer says they’ll only collaborate if Trump offers positive proposals, like a real infrastructure program spending real money, not tax-breaks encouraging privatization (like building profit-making toll roads, for example and claiming that as infrastructure repair).

Trump seems, diabolically, to appoint people diametrically opposed to everything Democrats and moderates stand for. He just nominated a DAPL supporter (for completing the Dakota Access Pipeline) as the administrator of the Bureau of Indian Affairs! And another to be Energy Secretary.

But tweeting, calling Democrats clowns, is not going to unite people behind Trump. It’s an approach—I can’t call it a strategy—bound to alienate or distance anyone in the targeted group.

What is Trump about?

He seems to think he can function as President based on the personal loyalty of his family, his friends, his supporters and no one else. Anyone who is not loyal—and even some who are, like Chris Christie—are driven beyond his pale.

It’s true that with a Republican House and Senate, and a majority of states (but not a majority of voters), he’s going to get more of a free pass than he deserves.

Already, the GOP Congress is preparing legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And the Senate is preparing to hold hearings for Trump’s nominees, even though they haven’t completed their background checks (in some cases they haven’t even submitted their data). In addition, the House had attempted to eliminate independent ethics investigations for themselves, but the outcry against it was too strong. Trump didn’t say, don’t do it; he said put it off for a better time, wink, wink.

The latter event indicates that public pressure might work, sometimes.

On January 9th, the Senate Democrats staged a sleep-in protest, using all the social media they could, to protest the Republican move to repeal the Affordable Care Act (without any replacement), beginning on the tenth. Senators Warren and Schumer were on PCCC and MoveOn’s call-in to thousands of listeners, reinforcing the idea that we all have to call in and protest, any way we can, and why: repeal of the ACA would grievously hurt millions of people. As Senator Warren declared: repeal is one of the most irresponsible and damaging moves Republicans have ever made, but “if they break it, they’ll have to fix it.”

In other words, Democrats are finally standing up and resisting, resisting the right-wing aggression manifested in this first move in the Senate, and all the extremist nominations they want to ram down Congress’s throat without full  background checks.

What a con job! Trump and the GOP are setting the stage for ripping off the American people. “Drain the swamp!” Trump followers chanted during the campaign. He’s raising up all the swamp monsters and putting them in charge! Further, in any area in which Trump is not particularly interested, like abortion, fire-breathing Republicans just can’t wait to destroy everything Democrats constructed in the last six or seven decades.

Confirm this bunch without completed background checks? McConnell insists they should, a tactic to prevent some of his own party defecting on nominees revealed as compromised. The conflicts of interests Trump’s nominees bring with them may be even as complicated as Trump’s own. I don’t think even Ulysses S. Grant, or Warren G. Harding had as corrupt an administration as this one looks on track to be.

But unlike Grant’s or Harding’s times, now people are already informed and outraged. In addition, many more voted for Trump’s opponent, which tarnishes his legitimacy and Trump isn’t even inaugurated yet.

“May you live in interesting times,” is a French curse. It applies, right now.

Journal Entries On Election Results

Sunday, November 20, 2016

These times: She bought her boyfriend’s son the Christmas presents he wanted for his father: a Trump mug and Hillary toilet paper! Oh, yeah, she voted for Trump. She shrugged. Didn’t know anything about him, except he was for change; she voted for change. She refused to vote for Hillary, even though she wanted a woman President, because “she’s a liar.” It’s likely she voted for Obama eight years ago, for change, if she voted.

She’s a friend’s client. A youngish woman, divorced from a control freak, who persuaded her to have an abortion. She’s a Special Ed teacher who’s been laid off, been able to find only teacher’s aide jobs the last few years. Socially, she’s very liberal. But she’s glad she lives near a mall.

She doesn’t live in a rust belt state, but the rural region she calls home has been depressed for years. She’s one of many: more white women voted for Trump than voted for Hillary. Her local district elected an establishment Republican to Congress from an open seat, not the bright, young progressive (white) woman running against him.

It’s where I live, too.

When I canvassed for Bernie, I encountered Trump pockets even in my liberal town. You could tell they were the Trump kind of people by the proliferation of ATV’s, pickups and huge outdoor gas barbecues.

My local carpenter friend told me he couldn’t talk politics at his gun club; they were all for Trump; he’s afraid Trump will impoverish his clientele (people like me: retired, on fixed incomes) and therefore his own work. He probably voted for Gary Johnson, but he claimed he’d have voted for Bernie, if he’d been the Democratic nominee.

Bernie would not have been elected, since he couldn’t reach minorities: they didn’t understand him; he didn’t get them. His purely economic argument didn’t register with them.

Trump had no program, at least none he campaigned on. He promised,  though, to make their lives better “biglea.”

And now, he proposes to name a racist as his Attorney General, another as his chief strategist in the White House. And his VP is an extreme anti-abortionist, who tried to force his state to require formal cremation or burial for all miscarried or aborted fetuses. His National Security advisor is focused on “radical Islamic Extremists,” and apparently wants to declare war on Islam.

There may have been millions of women and men just like my friend’s client (above), who voted for Trump, because Donald waved his notoriously short fingers and claimed: “I’ll bring your jobs back.” “Only I can fix this.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Next, it looks like he’ll appoint General “Mad Dog” Mattis for Defense. From his bio he sounds like an aggressive cowboy. Look forward to more wars, probably all over the globe.

About his Chief Strategist, Jeff Bannon: as Howard Dean remarked: he’s anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-Moslem, anti-Semitic and anti-woman. In other words, he’s a Nazi. And yes, Bannon looks forward to making the US as refuge for the European “race,” hopes to mobilize a movement of conservatives and populists. He says it will be exciting, “just like the 1930’s.”

There have been ‘incidents,’ where Trumpists bully people in parks or on streets, like three or more young white guys surrounding an African American and telling him or her to “Go home, where you came from!”

His “alt-right” does look like Nazis, although they call themselves White Nationalists.

I think we’re in deep shit!

The mainstream media seems to act as if there’s nothing really unusual here.

At least the competitors for DNC chair agree: there is something unusual here. We’ve got to stop this crazy man.

And his ‘movement.’

At the moment, we’re supporting protests at Standing Rock, where protesters have been beaten, shot with plastic bullets, tear-gassed, deafened by sound cannons, bludgeoned by water cannons in below freezing temperatures, arrested and put in jail anywhere in the state, after being strip-searched and deprived of all their belongings, including their clothes. Bail is set at $1600 at least.

Protesters (most not from the tribes, now) have to be dedicated, to commit to months, possibly years, in legal  hot water in order to make this point: that water is life; oil is not, the planet doesn’t need more oil pipelines, and First Nation lands should be respected. Instead, the pipeline company surreptitiously bulldozed sacred sites, after a court ordered them to stop construction.

Trump won the election with almost three million fewer votes than his opponent, Hillary Clinton, because the swing states, especially, didn’t recover from the Great Recession and Democrats were seen as uninterested in their problems. States, counties, districts that had gone for Obama for two elections, now went for Trump. Voter suppression most likely made the difference, especially in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Jottings of Our “Interesting Times” Or, Existential Dread

September 15, 2016

Fantastic images I’ve seen today, the last of which was the sunset sky turning vivid orange over the islands to our west, half of the horizon almost aflame. Another amazing image: Raven’s Nest, the most dramatic gorges on the approach to Schoodic point, looking out at Cadillac Mountain.

Monday, November 7, 2016

From the near sublime to what a columnist referred to as dread.

I, too, have been obsessing about the election as have so many others.

It feels as if we could be approaching either some apocalyptic end time, or greater and greater freedom and even more of the changes we need. We are at a fateful turning point.

Britain, in angst, voted tor protest and woke up to realize they had destroyed their world, instead. They replaced it with something poorer and coarser. All the polls had assured Britons that Brexit would not be voted in; and then it was!

I admit I have been obsessing over events, issues, Trump’s inane declarations (have you noticed: his only competent sentences are declarative?), and finally, polls. I am a Bernie Democrat, and I will gladly vote for Hillary, considering the alternative, even though I’m not thrilled by some of her policies; I think she can be pressured to do the right things most of the time.

And Hillary will certainly attempt to promote positive change in gender relations, hopefully between white and minority groups and between ‘Americans’ and immigrants.

I’m a man, very hetero, but I try not to be sexist. I am my wife’s partner and I admire her for her wisdom, her writing and her deep beauty in herself. But I’m not perfect.

I’m also in sympathy with gender-bending. I like to cook and to do some of the cleaning. I also wear my own skirts, fashioned from worn-out pants, as well as Scottish kilts, on occasion. When it’s cold I’d prefer a monk’s robe to pants. I like to dress up more than my wife does. We neither of us wear make-up.

And yet, I enjoy manual labor. I’m getting too old to do as much as I used to: I brought in firewood for three houses from our own woods. Now, I might cut down a tree, cut it and split it, if I can transport it a few hundred feet uphill. I used to teach college, too.

I count myself as a skier, although last year I only skied once, because there was only enough snow one morning.

Which brings me to an even deeper reason why this election has wrought such anxiety: the climate is changing even more rapidly, and chaotically, than scientists’ worst predictions, while a significant part of our nation, and of our political class, believe climate change is a hoax and refuse to believe we should do anything to mitigate—well, if it’s a hoax, there’s no reason to do anything, is there?

The denial on the part of these elites seems transparently corrupt: fossil fuel companies pay their bills, especially their campaign bills. Denial among the angry white men following Trump? Denial may be an expression of anger over losing their primacy, may be a rejection of an active role for government: responding to climate change requires more government restraints or controls. It’s certainly thumbing noses at authority. “If the fuckin’ scientists say our trucks an’ stuff cause climate change, then fuck’em!”

Of course the corrupted elite benefit, when the angry white men follow their lead: fossil fuel companies reward them in every way they can.

So, not only are we poised on either, the end of democracy as we know it, or a future that could be a little better, we are poised between even more dramatic damage to the climate and accelerated attempts to lessen climate change. We have no time to lose.

How many times in the history of the world have people thought the end was coming? Sometimes it did, but we have never faced a problem so global, so potentially horrific as this one, when we are tipped on edge, not knowing which way we will fall.

I hope for the best, others fear for the worst, but we are none of us prepared if the worst does come to pass.

Trump May Be a Rapist!

Donald J. Trump is not just a misogynist with a big, dirty mouth. The 2005 clip sounds worse than it reads. What made the video so powerful was that you could hear how sleazy he was, and then see him act the gentleman in front of the camera. Only thing is, in Donald’s case it isn’t just male posing. He has been credibly accused of rape at least twice, and of sexual assault many times. The first rape case was an accusation, in detail, of Trump raping his wife, not long before their divorce: the settlement included a gag order on Ivana, preventing her from speaking out about what he had done to her. She had previously accused him of  “forcibly penetrating” her without her consent—and ripping out her hair.

A case of sexual assault was filed by a “business associate,” who, with her husband, was negotiating with Trump for a business deal. The assault claim, also was wiped away, when the couple came to an agreement on another suit brought by her husband.

What makes both these and other assault stories credible, is not only Trump’s overall attitude and language about women, but a third case, brought in April, 2016, and refiled recently, anonymously, a Federal case. A 13-year old girl, was recruited from Port Authority for parties put on by Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire, now a registered sex offender: class 3 pedophile—and a great friend of Donald’s at the time. She details four incidents in 1994 involving Trump’s assaults. In the fourth she claims, Trump tied her down, raped her and then threatened her and her family with harm or death if she told anyone. And he threatened that she would “disappear like Maria,” a 12-year old that the girl said had disappeared after the third incident. It’s those threats that make the court more likely to take on the case, even though it’s way past the statute of limitations.

The complaint, now a Federal lawsuit, with a lawyer, Thomas Meagher, also includes two corroborating statements, one, unusually, by a witness to the rape! The witness was the party planner for Epstein and the girl’s procurer. Her testimony could be devastating. Epstein was also accused of raping the girl, and beating her, because, he complained, he should have been the one to take her virginity, not Donald Trump!

Abusers always say, after the abuse: “I’m better now. I’ve changed. I’ll be a better man tomorrow.” That’s the gist of what Trump just said in his “apology” for his crude language about women.

Trump would be a disaster for many of the reasons that Republicans support him: promising to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations, rescinding regulations, rejecting attempts at reducing climate change and repealing the health care law. Republicans accepted his wall, massive detention and expulsion of immigrants, his nuclear illiteracy and idiocy, his instability and on and on.

And while he is still innocent until proven guilty, I can’t imagine why any woman or any decent human being would ever vote for him—or vote for a third party candidate who can only take enough votes away from his major opponent to snatch a victory for Trump.

The major media should wake up, look into this rape case and publicize it all over this nation: if Trump were elected, he could well be convicted of sexual assault and rape of a minor during his elected term.

You also have to wonder: whatever happened to “Maria?” Trump could be responsible for her murder as well. We’ll probably never know.

Dakota Pipeline Outrage

This isn’t just corporate greed; there is something more, in the way the protesters have been (are being) treated, over the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The company’s worst abuse is akin to Islamic State destroying the historic ruins of Palmyra. For IS, it was western pagan influence that was being destroyed. In Dakota it was the irreplaceable heritage and artifacts of an already oppressed and nearly powerless people, beginning to stand up and proclaim their power.

On Friday, the tribal legal team, after extensive research, laid forth the precise locations of sacred burial sites on the pipeline’s right of way and submitted them to Federal Court in order to demand that pipeline construction be stopped, to protect them. A decision on this motion was to be made by the presiding judge this week.

Over the weekend, the company, with access to these legal documents, sent out bulldozer teams, miles from where they had been operating, to the same sacred sites listed, and bulldozed them out of existence!

This is only the latest attempt to destroy native peoples “standing in the way” of white settler progress, or in this case, a company’s profits. But the thoroughness of this outrage, along with the cooperation of company guards and police who used dogs and tear gas to disperse protesters, bespeaks something even darker than corporate greed.

Our nation was founded on genocide and slavery. This latest act by the bulldozer teams, is another injustice added to a long history of white people attempting to destroy native people standing in their way. In this case it was historic sites and artifacts, not only sacred, but also proof of the native peoples’ claims.

The brazenness of the attack speaks volumes about the tenor of American politics. Dialogue in the US has been jettisoned for confrontation. And lies. And violence, violence against black people, against cops, against the LGBTQ community, against women and against Native Americans.

I would not be surprised if the bulldozer drivers, their foremen, and their manager, were  all Trump supporters, possibly white supremacists. Even if they weren’t, this brazen act was made more likely, almost acceptable, through Trump’s rhetoric, the model he embodies in his raucous political campaign events and in his incitement to violence.

The outrages at the Dakota Access Pipeline could become the model, in turn, to angry white people all over this nation, if Donald Trump were elected. A nice future to look forward to.

While the protesters are insisting on prayerful non-violence; the police and company keep on trying to incite violent responses. Violent resistance would make it that much easier to jail all the protesters and resume full construction mode.

The tribal resistance to the pipeline is not just concerned with their burial grounds and the sanctity of their sites, but with likely water pollution from spills of dirty fracked oil. There have been too many spills around the country to allow a pipeline to go under the Missouri River and over an aquifer central to the Sioux’s water supply. If their water is polluted, tribal people might have to move out of the reservation, as well as its sacred lands, a subtle kind of genocide against ‘the natives’ once again.