Trump May Be a Rapist!

Donald J. Trump is not just a misogynist with a big, dirty mouth. The 2005 clip sounds worse than it reads. What made the video so powerful was that you could hear how sleazy he was, and then see him act the gentleman in front of the camera. Only thing is, in Donald’s case it isn’t just male posing. He has been credibly accused of rape at least twice, and of sexual assault many times. The first rape case was an accusation, in detail, of Trump raping his wife, not long before their divorce: the settlement included a gag order on Ivana, preventing her from speaking out about what he had done to her. She had previously accused him of  “forcibly penetrating” her without her consent—and ripping out her hair.

A case of sexual assault was filed by a “business associate,” who, with her husband, was negotiating with Trump for a business deal. The assault claim, also was wiped away, when the couple came to an agreement on another suit brought by her husband.

What makes both these and other assault stories credible, is not only Trump’s overall attitude and language about women, but a third case, brought in April, 2016, and refiled recently, anonymously, a Federal case. A 13-year old girl, was recruited from Port Authority for parties put on by Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire, now a registered sex offender: class 3 pedophile—and a great friend of Donald’s at the time. She details four incidents in 1994 involving Trump’s assaults. In the fourth she claims, Trump tied her down, raped her and then threatened her and her family with harm or death if she told anyone. And he threatened that she would “disappear like Maria,” a 12-year old that the girl said had disappeared after the third incident. It’s those threats that make the court more likely to take on the case, even though it’s way past the statute of limitations.

The complaint, now a Federal lawsuit, with a lawyer, Thomas Meagher, also includes two corroborating statements, one, unusually, by a witness to the rape! The witness was the party planner for Epstein and the girl’s procurer. Her testimony could be devastating. Epstein was also accused of raping the girl, and beating her, because, he complained, he should have been the one to take her virginity, not Donald Trump!

Abusers always say, after the abuse: “I’m better now. I’ve changed. I’ll be a better man tomorrow.” That’s the gist of what Trump just said in his “apology” for his crude language about women.

Trump would be a disaster for many of the reasons that Republicans support him: promising to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations, rescinding regulations, rejecting attempts at reducing climate change and repealing the health care law. Republicans accepted his wall, massive detention and expulsion of immigrants, his nuclear illiteracy and idiocy, his instability and on and on.

And while he is still innocent until proven guilty, I can’t imagine why any woman or any decent human being would ever vote for him—or vote for a third party candidate who can only take enough votes away from his major opponent to snatch a victory for Trump.

The major media should wake up, look into this rape case and publicize it all over this nation: if Trump were elected, he could well be convicted of sexual assault and rape of a minor during his elected term.

You also have to wonder: whatever happened to “Maria?” Trump could be responsible for her murder as well. We’ll probably never know.

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