Journal Entries On Election Results

Sunday, November 20, 2016

These times: She bought her boyfriend’s son the Christmas presents he wanted for his father: a Trump mug and Hillary toilet paper! Oh, yeah, she voted for Trump. She shrugged. Didn’t know anything about him, except he was for change; she voted for change. She refused to vote for Hillary, even though she wanted a woman President, because “she’s a liar.” It’s likely she voted for Obama eight years ago, for change, if she voted.

She’s a friend’s client. A youngish woman, divorced from a control freak, who persuaded her to have an abortion. She’s a Special Ed teacher who’s been laid off, been able to find only teacher’s aide jobs the last few years. Socially, she’s very liberal. But she’s glad she lives near a mall.

She doesn’t live in a rust belt state, but the rural region she calls home has been depressed for years. She’s one of many: more white women voted for Trump than voted for Hillary. Her local district elected an establishment Republican to Congress from an open seat, not the bright, young progressive (white) woman running against him.

It’s where I live, too.

When I canvassed for Bernie, I encountered Trump pockets even in my liberal town. You could tell they were the Trump kind of people by the proliferation of ATV’s, pickups and huge outdoor gas barbecues.

My local carpenter friend told me he couldn’t talk politics at his gun club; they were all for Trump; he’s afraid Trump will impoverish his clientele (people like me: retired, on fixed incomes) and therefore his own work. He probably voted for Gary Johnson, but he claimed he’d have voted for Bernie, if he’d been the Democratic nominee.

Bernie would not have been elected, since he couldn’t reach minorities: they didn’t understand him; he didn’t get them. His purely economic argument didn’t register with them.

Trump had no program, at least none he campaigned on. He promised,  though, to make their lives better “biglea.”

And now, he proposes to name a racist as his Attorney General, another as his chief strategist in the White House. And his VP is an extreme anti-abortionist, who tried to force his state to require formal cremation or burial for all miscarried or aborted fetuses. His National Security advisor is focused on “radical Islamic Extremists,” and apparently wants to declare war on Islam.

There may have been millions of women and men just like my friend’s client (above), who voted for Trump, because Donald waved his notoriously short fingers and claimed: “I’ll bring your jobs back.” “Only I can fix this.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Next, it looks like he’ll appoint General “Mad Dog” Mattis for Defense. From his bio he sounds like an aggressive cowboy. Look forward to more wars, probably all over the globe.

About his Chief Strategist, Jeff Bannon: as Howard Dean remarked: he’s anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-Moslem, anti-Semitic and anti-woman. In other words, he’s a Nazi. And yes, Bannon looks forward to making the US as refuge for the European “race,” hopes to mobilize a movement of conservatives and populists. He says it will be exciting, “just like the 1930’s.”

There have been ‘incidents,’ where Trumpists bully people in parks or on streets, like three or more young white guys surrounding an African American and telling him or her to “Go home, where you came from!”

His “alt-right” does look like Nazis, although they call themselves White Nationalists.

I think we’re in deep shit!

The mainstream media seems to act as if there’s nothing really unusual here.

At least the competitors for DNC chair agree: there is something unusual here. We’ve got to stop this crazy man.

And his ‘movement.’

At the moment, we’re supporting protests at Standing Rock, where protesters have been beaten, shot with plastic bullets, tear-gassed, deafened by sound cannons, bludgeoned by water cannons in below freezing temperatures, arrested and put in jail anywhere in the state, after being strip-searched and deprived of all their belongings, including their clothes. Bail is set at $1600 at least.

Protesters (most not from the tribes, now) have to be dedicated, to commit to months, possibly years, in legal  hot water in order to make this point: that water is life; oil is not, the planet doesn’t need more oil pipelines, and First Nation lands should be respected. Instead, the pipeline company surreptitiously bulldozed sacred sites, after a court ordered them to stop construction.

Trump won the election with almost three million fewer votes than his opponent, Hillary Clinton, because the swing states, especially, didn’t recover from the Great Recession and Democrats were seen as uninterested in their problems. States, counties, districts that had gone for Obama for two elections, now went for Trump. Voter suppression most likely made the difference, especially in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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