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Jan. 20, 2017 and After

Julian Hawthorne, my great-grandfather, was a bestseller author, only son of Nathaniel, and a scamp, who spent time in prison for signing on to a stock swindle. He wasn’t near as bad as what we’re facing now, and he was literate.

Friday, January 20, 2017, Noon

In a few minutes

The most unprepared, outrageous clown

Will take the oath of Office

Of President of these

Disunited States.

He’s named billionaires, generals

Corporate leaders, incompetents

To run our Government.

It’s as if the Jester King of misrule

Isn’t ruling for a day, or a year,

But for at least four of them

And intends to bring his

Chaos with him, to the nation

To the whole world,


Yes, just because he can

And because he wants

The whole world

To watch his every move.


Three and a half million

Marchers, led by women

All over the nation

And more abroad

Happily demonstrate against

The hate and lies

Of the incoming Trump regime.

That’s bigger than Obama, or Trump

Bigger than Iraq

A tidal wave of cheerful

Peaceful opposition.

Trump twitters: why didn’t they vote?

Most did.

He lost the popular vote

By nearly three million,

But still, his press spokesman,

Fellow fabulist,

Claimed the biggest audience


For Trump’s Inaugural address.

So much for broadening his appeal.

By fighting the media

Even threatening them,

By preventing Canadian entry

At the border

If they oppose Trump.

He also hints how health care

Will be restricted,

Medicaid to block grants

Prior conditions reinstated

Risk pools promoted

Subsidies cancelled

Medicare eligibility age raised.

No wonder towns and cities

Were jammed with millions protesting

Trump’s ascension!

Millions more are terrified

The Donald will press the button

When a foreign ruler

Squints askance

At our thin-skinned leader.