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Loud Noise Can Kill

Here’s a thought: Steven Paddock complained to the hotel the night of the shooting, about a party in the room below him (he was on the 38th? floor). The music (country) was too loud, he claimed.

Two things: first of all, Paddock probably would have welcomed legalizing silencers, since he didn’t like noise. Consider what an even greater disaster it would have been if he had been firing with silencers: no one would have been able to figure out where the shots were coming from, and for awhile, that actually they were shots. People would have just been falling dead in the crowd. In fact, in the first seconds or minutes of the shooting, a lot of people thought someone was shooting off fireworks. In any case, Republicans considering a silencer legalization bill entitled something like Hearing Protection, have shelved the bill for now—because of the massacre.

The second thought: Steven Paddock may have hated noise, or loud music, or country music, or all three, to the point of rage. His girlfriend described him as kind and quiet. I know someone who has the urge to shoot to kill whenever she hears loud motorcycles, or other loud machines; she’s actually a pacifist. She has often commented that it’s lucky she doesn’t have a gun. Well, Steven Paddock had 42 of them. And apparently he planned meticulously to kill as many people as possible, people in a loud, late night country music concert below him. He had converted his guns (12 of them?) into machine guns by adding bumper stocks. He needed so many, because ordinary guns heat up with rapid firing, so he could shoot with one, put it aside to cool, shoot with another, and so on. And he also had video monitors to warn him if officers were coming to stop him. He shot a security guard through his hotel door.

Think about it: loud music, or hollowed out mufflers, or something else loud might drive some people to homicidal rage. One of the black lives snuffed out last summer was supposedly in a dispute about loud music from his truck.

No one seems to think there is a right to quiet, but for many, loud noise is unavoidable and it’s enraging, when you can’t escape it.

Loud noise might cause murder. Maybe it did, on a mass scale, in Las Vegas.